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Elijah was in the magazine "As If" last summer. I think it was the July 2016 issue which was Issue 9. Here's a link if you want to buy it:

There were several photos of him in that magazine.

Actor/producer Elijah Wood, most famously known for his role as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings, reveals he is somewhat of a Renaissance man as he talks with publisher Scott Fishkind about acting, DJing, producing, and his passion for indie-horror.

Here's one photo from that shoot.

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I have imported this old community from Livejournal into Dreamwidth so I can keep it here. There was a lot of posts done back in 2006 when we had the online Elijah Wood Convention here, and they are still memorable. Maybe I will go through and highlight them in a future posts. Until that time, here's a very recent photo of our darling man at Talking with Chris Hardwick show on AMC channel:

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Ever wish all Elijah fans could meet in one place? Wouldn't it be fun
to have a few days where we could all get together and have a convention
of fans where there are keynote speakers, pictures, artwork and general
squee about him? Since that would be impossible because we are all
over the world, how about we all get together in one place on line and
have a convention?

That's why Elijah Convention Online came to be. Here, during
September 2006, we'll have a convention dedicated to Elijah Wood.
This convention is by invitation only but we want as many people to attend
as possible, so you're invited! Since we might cover some topics of a
more mature nature, the community will be limited to those who are least
17 years of age.

Here's what we're planning:

Keynote addresses on selected Elijah topics
Fan fiction--both your original fiction and fan fics that are written by others
Original and guest Fan Art
Photo picspams

To join the community, go to Here


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